I am one of four children in a big Irish family, born to Michael and Jean. I have a sister Tricia who is married to Michael (by the way, there are many Michael's in my family) and have 3 children. Colin 7, Kameryn 5, and McKenna who is 3. I have two brothers, Michael (hahaha) is my older brother and is married to Kelly. They have 4 children. Kylie 19, Mikey (another one) Katie 13 and Maddy who is 6. Jimmy is my youngest sibling, and brother who is married to Susan. They have 2 children, Chase 6 and Piper who is 3. We all live with in 2 miles of each other, and we all see or speak to each other weekly.  The kids are all very close and spend a lot of time at their grandparents house together.

When I grew up, we had the bare minimum. My mom and dad were in construction, and it was seasonal. They did not work year round, and it was rough at times. Four kids, my parents, a dog and parents barely got by. My parents always did what they could, they were Little League coaches, soccer coaches, Boy Scout/ Girl Scout leaders,ect. They taught us all about giving everyone a chance, not judging a book by its cover. They also taught the four of us to be confident, strong and always do the right thing. We all have a great work ethic that has been instilled in us probably since birth. We were taught and live by today that Family is EVERYTHING, sometimes this was all we had. We are all HUGE NY Yankee fans, my dad was born in the Bronx and it was his team to follow as a kid. That has been passed down to all of us!  Today is very different from when we were kids, we all have good jobs that we worked very hard for. Because of the encouragement from my mom and dad, we are all very successful.  We have always stuck together and maintained many family traditions that start with birthdays. Since there are so many of us, we average a birthday a month (sometimes more). A birthday starts with a text saying "Happy Birthday", then there is the call with singing and then the celebration with cake. Every holiday is a big deal. It is celebrated with everyone together. St. Patricks Day is celebrated at our house. Without ever having to tell anyone, everyone comes in the festive spirit. All you see is green!!! We have a great day celebrating our irishness (we are all VERY proud  to be irish). There is corned beef and cabbage, shepherds pie (recipes that have been passed down in my family) and lots of irish soda bread. The kids play outside (wiffle ball, flag football, soccer, hopscotch or just tag). We always have Easter breakfast at my mom and dads.  Every May, my parents set up a family vacation for all of us to go to Montauk ( this is really important to them because they could never afford family vacations when we were kids). We spend Memorial Day weekend all together and have a blast. My birthday and Piper's birthday usually falls on or around Labor Day and we usually have the end of the summer/my birthday barbecue. Halloween is a trip! Usually each family has a theme based costume, and when Michael and I can, we go trick or treating with our nieces and nephews. Thanksgiving, every other year is celebrated together and every Christmas Eve is celebrated together! Christmas Eve is at my parents, and would be extremely overwhelming to anyone who does not know my family. We play a Christmas themed game (this year was a box wrapped with movie tickets inside and had to be opened with oven mitts) that usually ends in endless belly laughing. We eat dinner and the gift giving begins. Because my parents did not have much when the four of us were kids, they make up for it now. They are extremely generous to everyone. The year ends with New Years Eve, we are usually all at my brother Jimmy's house. Just being with everyone validates my parent's motto, Family is EVERYTHING!!! We are very lucky that all of the inlays are very close to us all and spend many of the holidays together. Michael and I cannot wait to have a child of our own to feel all the love we do from my family. They will have many aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents that will love them unconditionally.

About Our Family!


 I was born in December 1974. I went to school to be a Graphic Designer, and that is the field I work in today (my passion is being artistic and creative). My interests are sports, movies, music and spending time with my family.  

My Parents Josephine and John are 100% Italian, 50% Sicilain 50% Napolean and are 2nd generation born in America. They are now retired. I have one sibling, a sister, her name is Jeanine. She lives a few towns away.  Jeanine and her husband, Bill have three beautiful children. Alyssa (19), Daniel (15) and Amanda (11). Bill is an electrician and works in Manhattan NY. My sister is a teachers assistant. We try to get together as often as possible and spend many holidays together.

Growing up my sister and I were very close. We would go to the movies and hang out. We had numerous pets growing up ( I am sure that is where my love for animals came from). We were lucky to have a relationship with both of my grandmothers (both of my grandfathers passed away young). They both lived near us growing up. My mothers mother would make spaghetti and meatballs every Sunday for dinner. My dad's mom was very crafty and knitted blankets for us (I still have today) and ornaments for our Christmas tree. In the summers growing up, we would go to my aunts and uncles houses for BBQ's in the summer or they would come to our house. My mothers brother and his family lived out east on Long Island. When we went to his house we would swim in their swimming pool or go into town to local fairs. My dads sister lived with her husband just a few blocks away. My uncle was always selling flowers or Christmas trees, something he continues to do to date. My parents always made my birthdays very special ( it was harder to do since my birthday is a few days before Christmas). I have some really great memories of family vacations, one of my favorite memories was going to a "Dude" ranch. I remember the huge pools, the miniature golf course, shuffle board and riding horses. It was a incredible vacation that I looked forward going to every year.

Family is so important to me, it is what Maureen and I have in common. My family is very supportive and cannot wait until we can expand our family. ‚Äč